Merritt’s songwriting took flight when she found herself living in Jackie Kennedy’s room at an iconic all-girls’ boarding school.

“I have never experienced an artist like Merritt Gibson before, such a sure grasp of the storyteller’s eye… truly exceptional.” -Michael Moss, Grammy-Winner and Berklee School of Music Professor

“I’m a sucker for a good hook, and these numbers are loaded with them” -Jeff Burger, No Depression


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“Eyes On Us” album:

Released 2018.

All original songs written between ages 14 and 17.


Inspired by her birthplace, New York City, and her family’s rich cultural and artistic history, Merritt Gibson’s music and lyrics are sophisticated and expressive, giving voice to universal experiences and themes in new ways.

Merritt’s songwriting took flight when she found herself living in Jackie Kennedy’s room at an iconic all-girls boarding school at age 16. She wrote constantly and passionately about what she and her friends were experiencing while away at school. After finishing her junior year, Merritt went to Nashville and recorded an album with songs she had written between the ages of 14 and 17. The album, “Eyes On Us”, captures the magic, excitement, heartbreak and joy of being a teenage girl.

Merritt is now 20, and her songwriting has moved in a more mature, pop-oriented direction. Her broad range within the pop genre, from hooky acoustic songs to infectious EDM-influenced tracks, highlights her dynamic and fluid writing style. She writes about infatuations and first dates, disappointments in love and life, grand passions and little moments. Merritt weaves her cosmopolitan upbringing with her girl-next-door experiences to create well-crafted songs that, uncommonly, are both worldly and grounded.

Merritt continues to bounce between her college life in Charlottesville and her musical life in Nashville, where she spent the summer of 2019 interning at ASCAP and writing, playing and recording. Merritt is a strong advocate of female friendship, empowerment, and women’s safety. And a firm believer in the power of music.

As Merritt says: “It’s all about the song. It has to be real and original, and it has to immerse the listener in its world. It has to tell a story in a new way, walking the line between the personal and unique and the timeless and universal.”

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