Eyes On Us Album Lyrics

Eyes On Us

In the light and your lips say “maybe”

That’s all I’ve said lately

All I need is a chance or a dance

I’ll hypnotize you, baby

With the others we’ll never be lonely

You’re all I want only

Can you keep a secret?

Can you keep a secret?


All eyes on us, eyes on us

If you’re falling in now can you trust?

All eyes on us, eyes on us

Feel their stares hit our guts and


We’re never alone, oh no, that would be too easy

It’s a show, don’t you know?

All I want is to be yours

Open windows with open doors

My eyes refuse to close

‘Cuz everyone knows

In your sweatshirt more than I’m with you

Now it smells like my perfume

In your arms we sit on the couch

They say we don’t get out much

Hold my hand the way that I like

Down the hall out of sight



The bracelet you gave

That cold Boston day

All the world’s a stage

We can’t escape, I can’t escape


My Best Friends

Runnin’ to a little place on Route 88

Wake up real early but we stay out too late

Dodging headlights, security guards

Strummin’ out a rhythm on that Gibson guitar


Million things I wanna do

Ain’t got time for you, yeah


Why do you call me when I’m with my friends

I’m sick and tired, I wish this drama would end

This is my youth, this is my now, I don’t intend

To choose a boy over my best friends

Work for my future and I’m just gettin’ by

It ain’t glamorous but I still try

Old school dances and football games

Talk of new crushes and former flames



Let’s keep it casual and young and naive

No “I love you’s” or forevers to keep

You see lately, I’ve been losing some sleep

I gotta go before I get in too deep

I get in too deep



I grew up in a candy-coated mist

The first one in line to all the chick-flicks

Everyday hopin’ that I might be kissed

Then I wouldn’t dance alone like this

Love is a game in high school

Crushes are fun, girls are cruel

Show off to the boys in the swimming pool

On the fast track to being cool


But don’t look now

It’s all going down


In the middle of a lovesick fable

When the lipstick was enough

How the DJ’s turned the tables

Now I know I never knew a thing about love

Junior prom date was a boy named Jack

We kissed all night in his dad’s Cadillac

He said “I love you” and I said it back

Never ever thought that I could feel like that



Teardrops on a pillowcase

He gets thrills from the chase

I thought love was frills and lace

But you can take back your sweater

Cuz baby, now I know better


I Heard

Guess there’s something you didn’t tell me, no

Found out from a stupid photo

You met a girl and you’re with her

Not like I care, but I’d prefer

Recovery lasted longer

Take some deep breaths before going after

Someone who’s had her fair share

Of poisoned love affairs


Do I even know you?

You keep changing your mind

If I was your “dream girl”

Then she’s the enemy in disguise

You go for whoever likes you back, whoa

What happened to real love?

Did you hear I heard?

She’s a drama queen, broken up people before

Nice enough, but she’ll spit you out to the floor

Do you like how she’s all over you?

As for me, I cannot stand the view

Does this change how you felt for me?

You loved my thoughts, my fears, my dreams

We’ll see how long ‘till the fight

My money’s on the end of the night


Do you know that I know who you’re with?

Have you given much thought to this?

Maybe you cannot stand being alone

I wish I could read your mind, does it show?

That I don’t even know you?

You keep changing your mind

If I was your “dream girl”

She’s the enemy in disguise

You go for whoever likes you back

I’d never, ever, ever take you back

Let’s see how long it takes for you to crack

What happened to real love?

Did you hear I heard?

Burning Red Hot

We met through a friend of a friend

This is where my heart first bends

Wanna know my story, where I’ve been

I’m still writing if you wanna jump in


You walked away, now I’m burning red hot

All consuming fever of the things I’m not

Gambled all my feelings on a sure shot

But you walked away and I’m burning red hot

Who knew an hour and a half

Could be measured in words and laughs?

Ask for my number but hold the phone

Still waiting on your message

Shoulda known, should have known


So why would you act like you wanted me?

Just go ahead, feed my fantasy

This ain’t the way it’s supposed to be

Fall night with the lights all out

What are all your games about?



Here we stand

Away from the world

Scattered sand

On the beachfront road

Stop the car

And stare at the stars

I look up

And your eyes are heaven bound


This moment, it’s frozen

And there’s nothing left to say


Cuz the dark surrounds us here

The lamppost light seems to disappear

Whisper secrets in the misty air

Oh how I long to be back there

I guess it really is

A faraway place

Close my eyes

Breathe in a lunar lullaby

Though we shared

A moment in time

Can we stay here

In the memories of my mind?



Ohh, how I miss you

And our moonlight view

Ohh, oh oh oh

How I miss you, I miss you


When You Were Mine

I watch you fall in love again

From the outside, looking in

You kiss her lips like you kissed mine

I pretend that I am fine

My heart is always flipping

I feel my words tripping

Don’t want you back or having her

My thoughts are all a blur

Do you even miss me at all?

I want you to feel, feel the fall


I was the reason for your smile

We drove the night with the radio dials

Thinkin’ back to your hands in my hair

You loved me then, do you still care?

I’m speeding down a winding lane

Towards a romance we can’t sustain

Felt our fingers intertwine

That was back when you were mine

Looks like I’m the jealous one

My facade has come undone

Tonight this girl’s gonna face the world

In a language without words

And now I’m grasping at straws

My back’s against the wall

Do you even miss me at all?

Ooh I want you to feel, feel the fall


I keep holding onto hope that you’re holding onto me

Broken hearted, not forgotten, all that easily

Prove me wrong and let me in so I can let you go

Why I want you to miss me, in truth, I don’t know


Truth and Myth

Awake in the storm of sleep

I keep my voice down

Sittin’ here, just you and me

Our hearts don’t make a sound


On a midnight bus, a kitchen floor

Cross-legged by the shore

Sitting on beds with the sheets unmade

The clock reads 1:58


Tell me your truths and tell me your myths

Release your demons and feel innocent

Where did you come from and where will you go?

Is there a God, well, I don’t know

All we need is one more chance

To see we’re not alone in this

Live with people who make you dance

But hold on tight to those who’ve heard you sing



Times like these are hard to find

Glimpses of the other side

And it can feel crowded to be alone

Too afraid to find your home



Your scar that changes color with the cold

And my heart that’s fallin’ down the rabbit hole

With your smell, the sweet, musky cologne

With all of this how can I feel alone?

All these memories in my head

Trickin’ me to want you again

Did what I had to do and

Now I don’t have you to lose


My memories linger, they follow me

Old melodies haunting me silently

This saga has held me tight and now the tunnel opens to light

Reminisce against my instincts, set me free

Ooh, memory

The snow that never came around this year

A new chill entered the atmosphere

My voice falters from hidden tears

Locked in a box of souvenirs


I see you in all that I do

My boots and the color maroon

The stairs and the parking lots too

The “good night’s” and the “see you soon’s”

Will I see you soon, need to see you soon


Cold War II

Intercept your thoughts

Breathe them in, let them out

Find out how you’re really feeling

Are you acting, are you leaving me?

Can’t you see?


It’s Cold War II that kills us

And a tundra between us

Paranoia bleeds through and I can’t escape you

It’s too cold for me

We got problems we don’t admit

No disclosures, we both won’t quit

We got a missile crisis, negotiate the prices

It’s a roll of the dice


I think I’m going M.A.D.

That’s what the T.V. says

Drop the bomb if you dare

It’s nuclear warfare

At least that’s how it feels

‘Cuz all is fair in love and war and love and war in love


Ghost Town

I’m like a 24/7

Store that just keeps runnin’

Look for me under the lights

I’ll be there every night


Where were you when I was a ghost?

The night that I needed you most

How could you disappear

When I’ve always been here?

It’s like my world is a ghost town

A place you’ll never be found

I wanna be taken care of this time

It seems it’s always my heart on the line


I wonder where you could be

But now it don’t matter, cuz

You’re just a memory


Area Code

This is a call for someone to come back

From a payphone in L.A. I can hear the rain

Pick it up, I know you won’t

It’s alright, I’ve got a pocketful of change


It’s getting darker, I need your warmth, what can I do?

But punch in numbers, 508-609, I need another dime

Area code is across the states

City of Angels to an east coast bay

I’m sorry I lied, I’m sorry I care

This hell of not knowing makes me go

Hey, hey, pick up, please pick up baby

Hey, yeah, pick up, I ain’t gonna give up, no

This is a call for someone to come back

From a cellphone on a Greyhound bus

On a journey for your love

You gave me chances, now I’m here and now you’re gone


All I want is to hear your voice, don’t you hear me screaming your name

Every song I write for you, well they all sound the same

I crushed my pride, now it’s yours, take your time

With missed calls and mixed signals living separate lives